Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Jigs Rule, BUT Which are Best?

These are your three best choices in jigs to use this spring.
Just about all the stripers I have caught thus far have been taken on some sort of jig. From my observation, just about everyone catching can say the same thing. But, that word "jig" can take on many meanings and looks. Which are best? For me, it depends where I am fishing and what the conditions are.  Here are the three jigs that I generally use in spring and fall:
1. Cocahoe Minnow mounted on a jighead- This is your best lure to use overall along the oceanfront in the spring. I like an all white or glow "Queen" Cocahoe mounted on a half or 3/4 ounce jighead.  I notice that many fishermen are doing real well this spring using a white/green tail model. This lure works well under calm  to moderate surf conditions.  It doesn't cast well with a stiff wind in your face.
2. Bucktail jig with curly tail- My favorite here is a once ounce, bullet shape, homemade bucktail jig with a 4 inch Tripple Ripple, Bass Pro, white plastic tail added.  I use this jig along the oceanfront in rough water with a stiff wind in my face. In the last week, I have scored real well with this lure in tough conditions. It scores real well in both spring and fall.
3. Zoom Fluke with jighead-  This is the lure to use in Narragansett Bay. For some reason, it is far less effective along the RI oceanfront. I like to use this 3 inch albino (favorite color)  fluke with a half ounce jighead.  This also works well off a wooden egg float when the wind is in my face and the water is rough.