Friday, November 16, 2018

Ticking Away

I don't have a good feeling about this. In the last week, the fishing overall has gone from excellent to only fair.  Yes, there are still some fish around, but I have not seen the big numbers I saw back in the beginning of November. I saw no big schools way out and no big flocks of birds diving. Could the end be near?
Storms have taken their toll.  This has been a vicious fall weather-wise, and we have seen one BIG storm after another blow by. I have never seen a fall in which I have fished in so many 40 mph + windy days.  Add to all that dropping temperatures, and it is not a formula for an extended season. Today, NOAA posted the water temps off Newport to be 49 degrees.  In parts of the Bay it is down to 46 degrees. All not good.
Many will point to the fact that we have had years in which the consistent fishing has held up well until late November and even early December along the south shore.  I will tell you that those years featured warm and tranquil late fall weather, nothing like we are seeing now.
As I write this, I'm looking at over 6 inches of snow in my backyard. I'll be skiing tomorrow. But, this is New England, and I still know there will be some fish around next week when I get out again. How many fish will still be there is the big question?