Sunday, November 18, 2018

Just When You Think Its Over.....

This is one of 36 stripers landed today.  Yes,
they are still around in good numbers. This one
was landed on a small Yo-Zuri swimmer.  Jigs
also accounted for good numbers.
Along comes a big day, and I'm back in business.
I went down to the oceanfront today with low expectations based on what I heard was going on in the last few days. But, I'll tell you today was a BANNER day.  I landed 36 stripers while fishing multiple spots. They ranged from small schoolies to hefty ones in the 24 inch range.  I even had one "big" fish that was either just a keeper or just shy of a keeper. I got good numbers of fish in the daytime and even better numbers after dark. They seemed to be everywhere I fished, but you saw no flocks of birds diving, no bait visible, no schools of fish breaking, but the fish were there. You just had to put in the time and fish for them (which few fishermen were doing today).
So, with a few days of normal weather coming up, I'm guessing this new surge of fish should continue to hit. I'm back in business!