Saturday, October 20, 2018

Going Big

This Sebile stick shad has landed good numbers
of keeper bass for us this week.
It's been a real  hot week of fishing for stripers here in RI.  That terrific fishing has been fueled by an influx of massive amounts of large peanut bunker.  I'm talking peanuts in the 4, 5 and even size inch lengths. With bait that size, many larger plugs and jigs have been working. Here are a few examples of what has caught most of our fish in the last week:
Sebile Stick Shads- My son Jon scored a thirty-five fish night ( at least a half dozen keepers) using this plug in a size 155 that we frequently use at the Canal. I used it the next day to take several more keepers. Seems like the bigger fish were keying on this plug.
Sebile Magic Swimmers- Jon has been using this 6 1/2 inch Sebile in a Ghostescent color to score many more fish, especially in the daytime. It works great when the fish are on large peanut bunker.
Big Bucks- I used a 1 1/2 oz. bucktail jig with a 4 inch white curly tail today to land 20 stripers (2 keepers) in some real rough water. The bucks have been very effective all week, especially in rough water.
Float and Big Buck- I've been using bigger bucktail jigs ( 3/4 ounce) off the float this week.  I had a 37 fish day (several keepers)  this week using this set-up when the stripers were just below the schools of peanut bunker in shallow water.