Wednesday, October 31, 2018


A white Cocahoe trailing off a float has been the hot producer.
The past two days have been the best back-to-back days I've had fishing this year. The stripers were around in incredible numbers. The sight of these vast schools of fish have brought back memories of "the good ole days".
Yesterday I saw about the biggest school of fish I have ever witnessed. I fished in an area along the oceanfront where there were several large schools of fish at first.  Thousands of birds were diving and acres of fish were breaking after huge schools of peanut bunker in what started off as three to five schools of fish in a mile long stretch of shoreline.  Much of it was close to shore and reachable. At one point, late in the afternoon, all of those schools of stripers, birds and bait came together in one MASSIVE school. I estimate this school of fish was at least a half a mile long and hundreds of feet wide. I have never seen a school like this. I just sat there in awe watching as this blitz unfolded.
In the last two days, my son Jon and I have landed well over 200 stripers.  Nearly all were schoolies in the 20 to 25 inch range, but we also had a couple of small keepers. All were taken on a float with a three inch Cocahoe on a jighead trailing off (see photo at right).
As I sat there watching the big blitz, I couldn't help but thinking that we are in for some incredible fishing in the next year or two when all these schoolies reach small keeper size.
But, for now, the good ole days are back!