Monday, August 6, 2018

Magical and Nearly Impossible to Find!

This plug, a 9-inch Sebile Magic
Swimmer has been my hottest plug in
the last two weeks. They are near
impossible to find in tackle shops.
I have been targeting big fish for the last month.  And, yes, I have been fishing the same place that just about everyone in New England has been fishing from shore.
The hottest plug going for me and many others has been the Sebile Magic Swimmer. I am using the biggest one made, a monster, 9-inch, 4 1/2 ounce model. This thing is a slow sinker that crawls shoreward with a slow, alluring wiggle that seems to attract fish and elicit some of the most savage hits you will ever see. I am using the Ghostescent color, the color of choice for most anglers.
This photo has played out many times in the
last two weeks as stripers really key on this
hot plug.
This plug has become so popular that just about everyone from tackle shops to online vendors have sold out. The tackle shops tell me these are in such demand that they can't even reorder them from the Sebile company.  Two weeks ago I bought one from Red Top Bait and Tackle.  I went back two days later to get a couple of spares, and they had none left on the shelves. The guy at the counter said they put out the last two boxes of them in the morning and they were gone within two hours! Yikes, that's how hot these things are. Bass Pro, Cabelas  and Tackle Direct are all out.
So, I had just one in my bag.  I fished a couple of days ago and landed one decent keeper and a couple of big schoolies on the plug when nothing else was working.  Later while casting blindly since no fish were showing, the plug was on its way to shore when a huge, and I mean huge, striper blasted it not more than twenty feet from the where I was standing. I got a real good look a the fish and it was by far, the biggest fish I had hooked this year.  The beast tore off and headed straight for the bottom.  I could do nothing but watch as the line melted away from the reel.  Suddenly, the fish had me stuck on the bottom, I suspect it wrapped around a rock. Seconds later the line parted, my fish of the year was gone and my magical plug was history.
As soon as I got home, I scoured the Internet and found a store halfway across the country that had some of these plugs. So, this time I ordered a bunch, and I can't wait until they arrive.