Thursday, August 16, 2018

Best Three Days of All Time for Big Fish

This 7 1/2 inche fast sinker has been
very effective this week.
This fish that I just
grabbed with the Boga
measured 45 inches. It was
caught on the plug on
the left. The fish was
I'm having an epic week of fishing catching one keeper after another from shore. In fact, these past few days have been the best three days of big fish fishing that I have ever experienced with keeper bass. I've landed and released well over 50 keepers in the last three days along with a few schoolies.  These have not been small keepers either.  I measured several fish over 40 inches with the biggest going a whopping 45 inches. I got two this size.  One 45 incher had a big head and a massive gut.  I'm guessing that fish was over 40 lbs.
 Yes, I am fishing the same place that most people in New England are fishing these days.  I'll let you figure that one out.
I have gotten all these fish this week on two plugs. The 9 inch Sebile magic swimmer in a ghostescent color has been the killer and has taken most of the keepers of the week including one 45 inch fish.  The other plug that has worked well has been a fast sinking  7 1/2 inchSebile Magic Swimmer in a blueback color.  That also caught fish up to 45 inches. The Sebiles have been the hot ticket with no other plug coming even close as far as effectiveness.

This cow also measured 45 inches.  It had a large head
and a big body.  It hit a nine inch Sebile Magic Swimmer.
It was released.