Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Here's a holdover that was landed a few days
ago.  Migrating fish have been
delayed due to the cold weather
Temperatures way below normal, cold water, unfavorable winds. It all contributes to a big delay in the arrival of migrating stripers to our shores. Contrary to some of the fake news fishing reports I've been reading, the fish are not in yet. I have tried several times, and I know some real good fishermen who have tried and all have nothing to report on the oceanfront fishing.  With water temperatures (Newport) at 42 degrees this morning, most will tell you that is too cold for stripers along the oceanfront. The good news is that a warm-up is coming.  Starting this weekend and into next week, we should see temperatures in the 60's and that should get the season going.
I have been fishing some backwaters for holdover fish, but that has not been too productive either.  I seem to be able to nail a couple of fish an evening, but this weather has even the holdovers in a holding pattern.
We have been lucky in recent years to get the start of striper fishing off to an early start. However, if you look back on the history of striper fishing here in RI, it was not unusual to catch the first arrivals during the last week in April. It looks like it will be one of those late years.