Saturday, April 7, 2018

Close, but No Cigar

No stripers landed today but did manage to get this
white perch in a backwater location.
I made my first run of the year down to the RI south shore today.  I had planned to hit a number of backwater locations where I was catching holdover stripers last year and the year before.  It was a different story today as I came close, but no stripers landed.
I did, however, manage to land one white perch on a Zoom fluke fished on a jighead (see photo at right) that was caught right at dark. In many of the saltwater backwaters where freshwater enters through a brook or river, white perch can be found so this one came as no surprise.  I also had a striper on but lost it at my feet. Word is that there are some holdovers around, but you will really have to look to find them.
The cold weather has really taken a toll on the fishing so far. With little warmth in sight, expect everything to be late this spring.