Sunday, February 25, 2018

Some Take-Aways from the Seminars

For many fishermen such as this happy angler,
the hightlight of the year was false albacore,
or albies. Most can't wait until they arrive
in September!
I've been running all around southern New England doing striper fishing seminars this winter.  I've spoken with a lot of fishermen who fish southern New England waters, and they have a lot to say.  Here is what they all generally think is going on:
1.  Where were the bluefish? Wow, there is widespead agreement and disappointment that this was a very poor fall for bluefish.  Up and down the southern New England coastline they were not in any abundance anywhere. And, do we even hear a peep from our fisheries managers?
2. Loads of schoolies but where were the keepers? Everyone agrees that we had a banner year for schoolies, and everyone thinks that the future of striper fishing looks good.  However, lots of shore fishermen are moaning and groaning about the lack of keepers around. The guys in the know are still catching some keepers but the general feeling is that the numbers are down. The only ones who are happy about this past season's keeper numbers seem to be those fishing the Cape Cod Canal.  And, most of those guys were complaining about the crowds there! Social media has a way of sending loads of fishermen to places that are hot these days.
3. Albies are hot. Everyone seems to have albie fever and most can't wait until these gamesters hit the shore in September. I think the recent string of great albie years is due to warming waters and global warming in general, and I see no reason to think 2018 won't be another banner year.
4.  When will the striper season begin? That's the number one question at all my seminars.  How about April 15 along the south shore oceanfront of RI!