Friday, November 3, 2017

Schoolies All Over RI Oceanfront

There were big numbers of schoolies along
the RI oceanfront today.  This one hit a
Cocahoe Minnow at dark.
I tried a number of places along the RI oceanfront today, and it seemed that schoolies were everywhere I went. In many of the spots I fished nothing was showing but the fish were still there in good numbers.  Two lures got all my fish today.  In some shallow, rocky areas I used a float with a 3/8 oz. bucktail jig that had a curly tail attached to it.  In other sandy areas I used just a jighead with a three inch Cocahoe attached.  Both set-ups caught fish with equal efficiency.  My son Jon and my friend Nick were also out and about in other locations than where I was fishing, and they reported catching good numbers of schoolies also.
These fish are on the small side with most running 12 to 20 inches.  Keeper stripers continue to be in short supply here in RI.  Bluefish are also way down in numbers so far this fall although I did get a small one today.
If you are happy with catching schoolies, looks like a good weekend is on the way along the RI oceanfront.