Thursday, November 2, 2017

Back in Business

This homemade bucktail jig did the trick for me today
as it landed good numbers of  hefty schoolies.
We're back in business.  I was fishing the Canal today, one friend of mine was fishing Newport, and another friend was fishing along one of the RI south shore beaches. And, we were ALL catching fish at the same time. The fishing is back after that big blow on Sunday.
I went to the Canal because I was not sure the water had cleared up in RI yet. I have never fished the Canal in November so this was a first for me.  It was a far different place than I fished this summer and early fall. It had a quiet charm to it today with just about no one around. There were times I pedaled my bike for miles without seeing another fisherman. Although I found no large fish, I did find a good number of schoolies. I was getting them on the bottom in a number of spots while jigging a homemade bucktail jig.
One of my friends who was fishing today did report catching an albie. I've heard of others who also caught in the last two days along the RI shore. I guess this is one of the benefits of global warming since they have rarely been caught in the past in RI waters in November.
My attention will shift to the south shore beachfront in the coming days and weeks.  Stripers and possibly bluefish will be the main attraction.