Thursday, July 13, 2017

Joining the Bike Brigade

Just a hefty schoolie,
but found this one right
away. It hit a Daiwa SP
I'm back on a Cape Cod Canal kick. This is a place that has the fish, but also has the crowds. I'll bet there are more keeper bass caught there on one a good day than what's caught the whole summer along the RI surf. But, the downside of this place has always been the crowds. In one stretch of several hundred yards, I saw at least a hundred fishermen standing shoulder to shoulder today and casting away.
This hefty keeper went
about 20 lbs. and hit a
white pencil popper where
nothing was showing
One observation I have often made about this place is that the majority of fishermen fish within a few hundred yards of the access points or parking lots. The exception are some exploring bike riders who seem to ride up and down the access road scouring the canal for breaking fish and bait. So, after all this time (years of walking), I decided a bike was the way to go.  In addition, I pulled into the Scusset Beach parking lot a couple of days ago, and to my surprise, the parking fees had gone up to the ridiculous price of $20. That was the final straw as I decided I could pay for the bike by saving that fee after several outings.
I bought a good used bike for a good price.  I had a rack put on the back to which I attached a rod holder.  I could use a milk crate for my plug bag and spare clothes, but that will come later.  Once it was set up, I headed to the Canal today.
The bike did the job.  I pedaled away and found fish off the beaten path away from the crowds.  I was able to land a hefty schoolie along with two keepers, and there was no one within 30 yards on both sides of me.  One of the fish went about 20 lbs., a real nice fish.
So, I got my exercise in while fishing in some uncrowded  yet productive stretches of the Canal. Perfect. I'm sold on the bike and have plans to use it in certain locations in RI also!
After years of fishing the Canal, I have come to the conclusion that the bike is
the way to go. Landed three fish today in places where the bike got me
away from the crowds and into the fish.