Tuesday, July 11, 2017


The float and jig was hot
yesterday in the white
water along the RI oceanfront.
Your chances of getting a keeper are
far better at the Canal than along the
RI oceanfront right now. Jon landed
several small keepers in the last 2 days.
The last two days have seen a big improvement in the fishing for me.  Yesterday, I hit the oceanfront in the evening.  I had perfect conditions with a good southwest wind, rough but clean water, and lots of water movement in the place I was fishing. It had stripers written all over it. In addition, I had the whole place to myself as few guys are out fishing these days due to the crowds and the marginal fishing from shore.  I found real good numbers of schoolies from 16-22 inches.  All the fish I landed were caught on a float and bucktail jig combo (see photo at right). I saw some fish jumping but they were fussy as they often are in the summer. They would only take that half ounce flathead jig.
Today, my son Jon and I hit the Cape Cod Canal.  He had the day off from work and wanted to get back to the Ditch after a good day that he had there yesterday. We found good numbers of fish breaking way out in multiple spots, but they, too, were fussy as we had lots of hits but only landed a couple of fish.  Still, it was exciting just to cast to breaking fish. Interestingly, many of those Canal fish being caught these days are in the 24-32 inch range, far smaller than I have seen in other years. Still, you see a good size one taken almost anytime you there as I saw a near 40 inch fish landed today.