Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gators on the Prowl

Some of the largest bluefish seen in years were caught this week along the RI oceanfront.  These are gators in the 15 pound plus category.  And, they are being caught in a wide stretch of the oceanfront from the rocky shores along the mouth of Gansett Bay to sandy beaches of Westerly.  They are around because adult bunker are around.  Find the schools of adult menhaden, and you will likely find the big blues.
I got down to the oceanfront again today.  I found small pods of menhaden along one beach.  Blues were also on the prowl along here.  I ended up getting the my biggest shore blue of the year.  It was a brute of 15-16 lbs. (see photo at left).  It was caught on a white, Daiwa SP Minnow. I saw several more blues in this size range landed by other fishermen. Word is that yesterday featured even better action.
So, keep you eyes open for menhaden moving along the oceanfront this weekend.  It could by your ticket to a trophy bluefish.