Tuesday, October 25, 2016

From the Observation Deck....

I've been fishing up a storm in the last week.  The past week has been dominated not by fish, but by WIND and big surf.  However, I have managed to catch a few fish in some tough conditions.  Here are a few observations from the last week of fishing:
* This has been a fall season with a lot of schoolies.  It has been loaded with 12-20 inch stripers. Bodes well for the future.
*On the other hand, keeper stripers, especially the larger ones over 40 inches, have been in short supply.
*Bluefish have also been scarce along the oceanfront.  There seems to be a few big ones here and there but no numbers yet.
*Did you see the latest young-of-the-year index from the Chesapeake Bay?.  It is a dismal 2.2, way below the average of 11+. As usual, they blame the weather...too wet, too dry, etc.  I say there is a shortage of breeding fish.
* One thing in abundance this fall along the oceanfront are seals.  I have never seen so many big ones along the beachfront.  Some of these have heads the size of basketballs and must weigh hundreds of pounds.  I have to wonder how many stripers they are eating a day.
*I saw my first gannet a couple of days ago.  You know we are getting late in the season when these birds come around.
*There is a noticeable lack of fishermen around when the fishing is tough.  When fish are busting all over the place, fishermen come out of the woodwork.  Welcome to our high tech world of text messaging and cell phones. Does anyone work for their fish anymore?