Sunday, November 16, 2014

Peanut Bunker Lights up the Weekend Along South Shore

Stripers were in good supply in some
south shore locations this weekend.
However, some places had lots of bait, but
few fish
Big schools of peanut bunker were
on the move along the south shore this
For the first time this year I found a lot of peanut bunker.  All weekend long it moved along the south shore beachfront in big schools.  At times there were good numbers of stripers after them; at other times, it was only the bunker with little or nothing after them. You simply had to find those spots that had bunker and stripers.  There were some big catches reported this weekend by fishermen I spoke with.  I talked to one guy who told be he arrived at the beach yesterday afternoon at 3:00 and by dark he landed 24 stripers.  He said the fish were busting all over the place on the bunker.  Another guy told me he fished another spot and had continuous fish all afternoon yesterday.  He also had 4 keepers up to 34 inches.  He said the keepers were spitting up herring.  Yet another guy told me he fished multiple spots today and landed over 20 stripers with one keeper.  So, there are some fish in some spots, but you have to find them.  I only got a few fish today, but was continuously chasing schools of peanut bunker hoping stripers would find them.