Monday, November 10, 2014

Backwaters Saving the Day

This has been a disappointing November so far.  There has not been many schoolies around, very few keepers, no bluefish and there has been a lack of bait. It's not what we are used to seeing in November, a time that has been hot in past years.  It has been particularly slow in the last two days.  I have been unable to find any fish in the daylight. I have fared no better after dark along the south shore beachfront.
So, I turned my attention to some quiet backwater spots before heading home.  These places have saved the day for me as I have landed big numbers of hickory shad as well as some schoolies (see photos) on ultra light tackle and small bucktail jigs.  These backwaters are generally "small fish" spots, yet when little is around, these types of spots sometimes can save the day and provide some fast action.