Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Albie Hype

This was a day back in 2012 in which we
landed an astounding 65 albies from shore
in one afternoon of fishing. Last year there
were none.  It's a 50-50 chance they will
show up this year.
It's starting.  No, not the albie fishing.  I'm talking about the hype.  It's in just about all the reports. Hey, not much to report on stripers or blues so why not hype the albies. Most reports are telling fishermen to get ready for the start of it in September.
False Albacore (albies) are probably the most sought after fish of fall.  They are unequal in their fight, and they are a real prize for anyone who can catch one, especially from shore. Their presence lures tons of trophy hunters to the shoreline in the hopes of catching just one.
But, here's the real story about them.  They don't always come around.  Their presence is not a sure bet.  In the last forty years, they were probably in our waters only about half those years.  And, in some of those years it was a quick shot where they were around for only a week or two and then gone.  Most fishermen out there remember the great years of 2011 and 2012 when we had them for 2 months in big numbers for shore and boat fishermen. Most hope this year will be a repeat of that outstanding fishing.  But, how many remember last year, 2013, in which there were NONE.
So, will we see them?  I'm calling this a 50-50 deal.  Maybe, maybe not. And, if you don't see any by the second or third week in September, forget it. Albies are basically a September fish.  If you see none in September, they are not coming in October.
The key here is to be ready.  Without question your best lure from shore or boat will be a float with a fly trailing off a two to three foot leader.  I like a blue Deceiver for a fly. Another good option is to replace the fly with a plastic fluke threaded onto a barbed hook.  Metal like Kastmaster XLs or the Not So Deadly Dick rate a distant third in lure choices. Pack some of these albie catches into your surf bag now because their time is coming soon.....if it happens.