Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Moving in the Right Direction

This was one of three fish landed last evening from the surf.
There's a lot of bait around that is attracting stripers and bluefish.
It's the middle of August but the fishing seems more like early September.  Last week's storm with its 8-12 foot waves knocked off the fishing for about five days.  But, things seem to be moving back to normal.  The bait has returned though it seems to be hanging further off the shore.  The stripers and blues are back chasing the bait, and fishing is on the upswing.
I got out last evening/night.  I fished a spot where I could see birds constantly working way out and occasional fish jumping. I fished both a needlefish and a Kastmaster XL for about an hour before dark and came away with two schoolies and a bluefish as well as a couple of more hits.  So, there are fish around even though nothing might be showing.  As dark approached and the wind calmed down I saw a massive school of bait on the surface about a quarter of a mile off the shore.  It was about the size of a football field.
I continued to fish after dark in two other locations, but I didn't get a hit in the dark. I did see bait though in the spots I fished.
So, the fishing is definitely moving is a good direction.  The bait is in place and I'm guessing the fishing will continue to improve as we move into September.