Friday, July 25, 2014

Teasers for Multiple Species

This schoolie was caught last
night on a black Deceiver fly
that was used as a teaser.
This black sea bass hit a small
plastic squid that was used as a teaser.
It was caught while vertical jigging.
A teaser is as good a lure as any right now for multiple species.  Teasers are small lures like flies, Red Gills, small plastic fish bodies, small plastic squids, etc. that are tied onto a leader ahead of your main offering. It usually dangles 6-8 inches off the top swivel of your leader. They are extremely effective when small bait is around.  You can use a teaser when casting from shore and boat, when vertical jigging from a boat and even when trolling.  A variety of fish will hit them including black sea bass, scup, fluke, stripers and bluefish.
Last night I was out fishing for stripers.  As I expected, there was little around.  However, I did manage one schoolie.  It hit the black Deceiver teaser I was using that was rigged ahead of my skinny Hogy that served as the main lure.  When fishing for stripers from shore I like to use either Deceiver flies or Red Gill teasers.  I've seen many nights when only the teaser is catching the fish.  They are that effective.