Monday, July 14, 2014

Cape Cod Canal....Lots of Fish, Lots of Negatives

Jon Pickering hoists a good size keeper that he
landed in the Canal today.  Simply put...
lots of fish, lots of negatives.
First off, I will tell you that there are more keeper bass caught in the Cape Cod Canal from shore than any other place in New England during the summer months.  It's a place that you can go on a July day and see dozens of keepers caught in mid afternoon under a broiling sun.  You'll see fish breaking, birds diving and people catching some very large fish.  I know because I saw it today, and I've seen it many times in the past.
On the other hand, the place can be irritating with a lot of negatives.  I know some very good surf fishermen that will not go near the place.  Still, others have had some bad experiences and will not go back. The place is packed with fishermen on a good day. And, the place draws some of the very worst fishermen I have ever seen.   No skills, no ethics...simple as that.  Some of these guys can't cast straight while others will fish the bottom with a small sinker in a raging current.  Their line will sweep down tangling everyone within a hundred feet down current. If fish start breaking it becomes a free-for-all with fishermen casting from all angles at the same time.  Still others will ignore anyone moving down with a good fish and will cast and cross lines with little regard for anyone fighting a good fish.  I know because this happened to my son, Jon, today causing him to lose the fish, the plug and lots of line.. And, finally, even many of the good fishermen will not release a fish in this place.  I saw dozens of them caught today and saw exactly two fish released.  One guy even walked out with three of them on a rope with no guilt whatsoever. No doubt, many of these sharpies who keep one or two fish every single day will be the first to complain when the fishery crashes.
So, there you have it.  The Canal is a place with a lot of fish, a lot of fishermen, and a lots of negatives.  It is an experience.