Sunday, November 3, 2013

You've Just Got to Find 'Em

It was all schoolies today in some rough
and nasty water.  There was not another
fisherman to be found.
No doubt about it.  That big blow we had on Friday really messed things  up and cooled the fishing. In fact, the ocean was still charged up today even in a north wind.  As I drove through the 'Gansett spots, it looked like a ghost town.  I could not find one fisherman along the entire shoreline from the beach to Point Judith.  I did see some flocks of birds working way out, a good sign.  However, there was a lot of sandy and rough water in close, a bad sign.
So, I poked around and fished in a number of locations and finally found good numbers of fish.  They were all schoolies, but on a tough day like today, I was ready to take anything I could get.  The fish were hitting small, 3 inch, pearl Cocahoes, a hot lure all fall.  I was using the "new model" Cocahoes.  These seem a little thinner and a little more flexible, giving them more action. Quaker Lane Tackle in East Greenwich has a good supply of them.
Too many fishermen have been driving around and fishing only when they see the fish breaking. Others are sitting at home waiting for the cell phone to ring. If you really work the waters you will find the fish.  It is simply a matter of getting out, putting in your time and fishing.