Saturday, November 9, 2013

Schoolies by Day, Keepers by Night

Schoolies were around
in the daytime.
It's been a shore pattern for me all fall, and it has continued into this cold November.  There are schoolies around in the daytime in good numbers.  Keepers can be had but it's a matter of putting in your time after dark.
This keeper was caught after dark
on a large, black Hogy.
Today I fished the south shore beachfront again.  I found some schoolies in the daytime, though there were no big numbers. Heck, I saw more fishermen out today than schoolies caught.   It seems that the numbers of schoolies have dwindled since the big blow on Thursday.  The schoolies I landed today were all taken on Cocahoes.  After dark I slugged it out in the cold for a couple of hours and was rewarded with two keepers in the 28-30 inch range.  These fish hit a large black Hogy.  I had several other hits.  These keepers were typical of what has been around. The keepers seem to mostly be small keepers in the 28-32 inch range.  I have seen and heard of very few larger keepers above 36 inches from shore this fall.