Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nighttime Fishing Perks Up

Small keepers in the 28-32 in.
range are hitting at night.
Swimmers like the Daiwa
SP Minnow are good choices
when mullet are around.
This fish was caught last night.
Those big numbers of schoolies that were around last week in the daytime seem to have disappeared.  There are still a few around, but nowhere near what we saw last week.  However, a new game has emerged this week as good numbers of stripers, both schoolies as well as small keepers, are hitting after dark in various locations.
My sons and I have been catching decent numbers of fish along the oceanfront the last three nights using Daiwa SP minnows.  About one in three fish has been a keeper.  The keepers are running 28-34 inches.  This represents an uptick in the numbers of keepers I have seen from shore in recent weeks. Hopefully this trend will continue, and we might even see some larger fish.
What might be bringing these fish close to shore is the appearance of mullet here and there.  I did see a couple of small pods of them in recent days.  When they show up, larger fish are usually close by.  Swimmers are very good imitators to use when mullet are around.