Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Observations From the Surf

There are good numbers of fluke around but
most are undersized.
I have been getting out fishing on a regular basis now.  I went out yesterday evening to the oceanfront expecting to find some rough water but was greeted by a dead calm sea.  So, I made the most of it opting to toss a small bucktail jig in the hopes of catching stripers and fluke.  And, I did catch good numbers of both these fish (see photos). 
Here are some observations of what has been going on recently:
*There are good numbers of schoolies just about everywhere along the oceanfront.  This is unusual for August.  These are small fish in the 10-20 inch range.
*Keeper bass are in very short supply from shore.
Schoolies in the 10-20 inch
size range are abundant.
*There is little bait around.  Last year, the oceanfront was choking with bay anchovies at this time.  I have seen none so far, but remember, that this is usually a bait that comes around in September.
*There are loads of snapper blues around, but the larger bluefish are scarce from shore.
*Fluke are abundant but small.
*Reports of false albacore are false.  You won't see them around close to shore until September.
*Where are the fishermen?  I have never seen a year with so few fishermen fishing from shore. Heck, even the bottom fishermen are not around.  That should tell you a lot about what's been going on.