Friday, August 9, 2013

Back in the Groove with Some Hot Fishing from the Surf

The float and jig was the hot lure today.
Today's keeper was 28-29 inches
but very skinny.
My back is better, and I am now fishing again.  I got out today for the first time in a month and it took exactly four casts before I landed a keeper!  I fished some real rough and nasty water along the oceanfront, just the type of conditions that I love to fish.  The fish were on a rampage today in this white and moving water, charged up by the day's storminess.  I landed a total of 12 stripers from 16-29 inches, real good numbers for August daytime fishing.  All the fish fell for the float and jig rig.  It was about the only thing I could cast into a vicious wind that was whipping right into my face.
I knew there were good numbers of schoolies around from reports from friends, my son Ben and my brother Steve.  There have been good numbers of schoolies in the Gansett area and along the south shore beachfront in the last couple of weeks.  However, keepers from shore seem to be in short supply. Most of the best fishing is occurring when the water is rough.
I saw no bait around today and I will tell you that most of the fish were very skinny and looked like they were starving.