Sunday, March 17, 2013

Walmart Specials....Plugs for $2.50!

On my last post I talked about small plugs and how they can be effective at times when small bait is around.  Well, yesterday I got a call from my friend Dennis who told me about a big sale of small plugs in the Walmart on Post Rd. in Warwick.  So, I went down to check it out.
They had boxes and boxes of saltwater plugs on sale for an incredible $2.50.  Most of these plugs sell for $5 to $7 in most online stores and tackle shops. I bought plugs such as Rebel Jumpin Minnows, four inch Bombers, 3 inch Creek Chub poppers, and Cotton Cordell Red Fins of various sizes (straightback and jointed).  See photo of some of the plugs I bought. These are all terrific small bait imitators and will work well in the Bay and along the oceanfront using light tackle.
While I am posting about adding small plugs to your surfbag, keep in mind that a balance is important when stocking up on artificials.  In the fall I have as many large plugs as I do small plugs in my bag.