Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Keepers on Back to Back Casts!

You know the numbers of keepers are on the increase when you can hook two of them on back to back casts.  It happened to me tonight while fishing the Bay from shore with a Zoom fluke on a small jighead with light tackle.  The two fish looked like clones.  Both were healthy looking fat fish at 28 inches apiece,  These weren't the only ones I got this evening as I landed another 6 schoolies.  They were all decent fish in the 20-25 inch range, and all hit the albino Zoom fluke.  Yes, I did try other lures but once again, the fluke proved to be the hot number in the Bay.  Surpringly, I saw no boats and no other fishermen around.  While the oceanfront has been crowded, the Bay has seen  relatively few fishermen.