Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fish of All Sizes

I got out today with my son, Matt, who lives Boston.  He was coming down for his brother's birthday party and he figured he'd come down early so we could do some fishing in the upper Bay.  We hit 4 different spots and found fish in all but one location.  Odd thing today is that the fish were all different sizes.  We caught stripers as tiny as 8 inches and schoolies as big as 24 inches.  There were also not a ton of fish in any one spot.  Every place had a few, and we ended up landing 10 stripers but had a lot more hits.  All of today's fish were landed on Zoom flukes mounted on lightweight jigheads. The lesson from today is move around looking for spring fish.  They are around and the more spots you can fish in an outing the better your chance of catching.