Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter Project....Replacing Treble Hooks

I've spent the last month restoring many of my plugs that I used last season.  I've been sanding the wooden plugs, repainting and replacing hooks.  One of my big jobs has been to replace any bent or rusty trebles on swimming plugs like Bombers.  I'm on a kick to replace all of the original trebles on these plugs with heavy duty VMC hooks.  In the past I have had a lot of trouble with trebles that have gotten straightened out by big fish.  Not this year as I landed a 46 inch striper on a Bomber with VMC's and my son Ben landed a 50 inch bass with a Bomber outfitted with VMC's.  Neither fish was able to straighten even one hook on the treble. The VMC treble I am using as a replacement is a 4X 9626 PS hook, a heavy duty short shank model (size 1/0) that fits real well on a 6 inch Bomber.  You can get these at www.njtackle.com I also usually replace the split rings with more heavy duty models.