Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hot Winter Color.....White Ice

Anyone who has read my past posts about winter striper fishing knows that I always used a Zoom fluke in an albino color to nail most of my winter fish.  Well, this year, that albino fluke was not working so well so I switched over to a color they call white ice.  It has been terrific, outfishing any other color this winter.  White ice (catalog color #94) is a bright white color with silver flakes in the body.  It is highly attractive in the water. In the past week, I have landed a good number of stripers, including several keepers, with this lure.  I am using a regular Zoom fluke, which is 4 inches long, and mounting it on a 3/8 oz. jighead.  If you are looking to purchase white ice Zoom flukes, Bass Pro has them.  Here is the link:

To fish these flukes, cast them out and let them sink to the bottom. Use a slow retrieve and occasionally bounce the rod tip.  Keep it as close to the bottom as possible.  These fork tailed flukes work terrific in the wintertime and they are about the best lures you can use in the spring in Gansett Bay.