Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Striper Fishing Turns Ice Cold

Well, my first outing was a real good one, but it has all been downhill since then. Many of you know I fish the Providence River extensively in the wintertime. Winter fishing in general can best be described as very inconsistent, but in the last few years, December fishing has been very good and consistent. Not this year.

In the last 5 outings, I have landed a grand total of 4 fish! Not exactly setting the world on fire. And, that is fishing the right spots, the right tides and the right times. I suspect this will be a poor winter of fishing in the Providence River. This is a fishery dominated by schoolies. There were not that many schoolies this summer/fall out in the Bay and that is usually an indicator of how the fishing will go. On the other hand, there were decent numbers of small keepers around so maybe we will see a lot less fish but bigger ones. Who knows. So long as there are still a few around, I plan to fish for them.