Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Licenses Not Yet Available, HUH?

I went down yesterday to purchase a 2011 saltwater license since I plan to fish on Jan.1 which is just two weeks away. Guess what......the vendors who are selling them don't have them. The state has not distributed them yet (do they even have them?). So, I called the state looking for an explanation. Of course, I got the message "I am away from my desk, leave a message....". So, I sent them an e-mail. I did get a response. Sure enough, I got a message that the licenses supposedly will be available Jan.1.
If you need a license on Jan. 1, wouldn't it make sense to have it available for sale before then. Freshwater licenses are sold well ahead of time. How about selling them as Christmas gifts? Anyway, that's the way the state is doing business. So, if you plan to fish on Jan.1, you'd better drive to a vendor to pick up a license first or purchase one online before you go.