Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back in the Game....Sort of

As most of you know, I had elbow reconstruction surgery back in July. It has been a long two months of wearing a cast, then using a sling and now daily doses of grueling therapy. But, all is on the mend and coming along ahead of schedule.

The good news is that I am able to fish on a limited basis with a very light rod and reel. I'm mostly casting lefty, but hey, I am able to get out and about. Two weeks ago, the arm was in a sling and I was barely able to bend it. I suspect I will not be able to swing a surf rod in the high surf and be able to go after larger fish until sometime in October.

I have been fishing the upper Bay the last two days. I landed my first schoolies in months today (see photos) with a small bucktail jig with a curly tail. Also landed several small foot long blues in the last couple of days, so things seem to be perking up. I also saw good numbers of bay anchovies along with lots of small, snapper bluefish. Everything seems to be more active. I think those last two cool nights have finally gotten the fish in a feeding mode.