Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Albie Alert

They are in! Take a look below at the one I landed today. The albies (false albacore) have been roaming the south shore oceanfront for the last several days chasing huge schools of bay anchovies that have also showed along the oceanfront. With albie fishing, it's a matter of being in the right spot at the right time type of thing. At times they are in such shore hotspots as the south shore breachways, along the walls at the Harbor of Refuge and along the dropoffs of Gansett.

They will hit a variety of metal lures such as Deadly Dicks and Kastmaster XL's (had on on that lure today). Many fishermen pursue the challenge of trying to catch one of these torpedoes on a fly rod. My favorite lure to use with a spinning rod is a wooden float to which three feet of mono is tied with a fly at the end (see photo at right). My favorite fly is a homemade blue Lefty's Deceiver. Pop it along the surface and watch for an explosion. Hang on because pound for pound these fish are the best fighting fish we have along the oceanfront.