Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kiss it Goodbye

I was down the south shore today trying to fish. It was ugly. Huge waves, dirty and roiled water, and no fishable conditions anywhere. Wave spray was coming over the Seawall in Gansett and landing in the road, big rollers were crashing over the east and center walls, and in some places along the south shore breaking waves were crashing hundreds of yards offshore. This is certain to put an end to the outstanding fishing we enjoyed throughout November. The marine forcast is also calling for much worse conditions predicting gale force winds and wave heights over 15 feet.
This will certainly move out all the fish and bait that was around for the last two weeks. Will it spell the end? I think it all depends on how fast this all clears out next week. I want to guess there will be one more push of schoolies coming along in another week or so, but who knows. Last year I caught my last schoolie along the south shore on Nov. 21. The year before it ended for me on Nov 23. The year before that it ended on Nov. 19. However one looks at it, there is not much time left.