Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back in Business.....Sort Of

Well, the surf is still rough and roiled along the south shore, and the beaches have been reformed in some places, eroded in others. However, there are still fish to be had which is a good sign.

I went down to the south shore yesterday with my son, Matt, We tried a number of different locations and did find some schoolies. These were small fish, no doubt the beginning of the final push. We managed to get 9 fish and had a number of other hits. The hot artificial was the float and jig.

Here's a tip when fishing in roiled water. Use bucktail jigs tied with red thread. That little touch of red sometimes is the enticement to get a schoolie to hit in roiled water with poor visibility. I had a flathead bucktail jig tied to the end of my float rig and that seemed to be the best producer.

I suspect we will have some fair fishing for schoolies until the next storm or extended cold wave puts an end to things. There may also be a keeper or two to be had after dark for the diehards who try. Things are not the same as they were two weeks ago, but then again, we are nearing the end.