Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Productive Pattern: Rough Weather Lights up Fishing

It has been a rough October weather wise with lots of big wind, rain, heavy seas and white water. However, that type of weather has just lit up the fishing. It seems that the rougher the water, the better the fishing. We've also seen a series of northeasters pound the coast in recent weeks, and the fishing could not be better in these storms. By day, the bass and blues are rolling in the white water and at night the big keepers are lurking in the breachway waters. The nasty weather has set up some of the best October fishing I have ever experienced.

If you are looking for action in rough water, head to rocky locations. These places can take a pounding in rough water, yet the water in these spots remains clean and productive. I especially like that Gansett shore from Narragansett Beach to Galilee in rough, northeaster type days. It has a proven track record of producing. You will have to search this area for fish as pods of them can be found anywhere in this five mile stretch.

In recent weeks, a few plugs have been especially productive. The float and jig has been the top producer for schoolies, especially in low water rocky locations in the daytime. Small needlefish plugs are a close second. Cocahoes mounted onto 3/4 oz. jigheads have also produced. At night, I have been hitting the big bass in the breachways with Bombers, Hogy lures and plastic eels mounted onto jigheads.

So long as the weather remains lousy, the fishing along our rocky coast should remain good.