Friday, October 16, 2009

Northeaster Article in Fisherman Magazine

My latest article that appeared in this week's issue (Oct. 15) of The Fisherman magazine is called Taking on A Nor'easter, Rhody Style.

What an appropriate time to run this story since we are in the midst of a northeaster right now. The article outlines the advantages to fishing in this kind of weather as well as outlines spots and productive lures to use. Over the years, I have had some of my best fishing in this kind of weather for big fish as well as lots of schoolies.

I was out yesterday during the start of the latest nor'easter and was not disappointed. While I came away with a few schoolies, I did take one big fish of 38-40 inches in some skinny white water. Yes, it is the prime to fish, yet as I looked around me I only saw a couple of other fishermen who were also scoring. The few who cast a lure into the teeth of a northeaster know how good it can be here in RI!