Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Hot Fall Lure

It's not really a lure but a combination of artificials. I rank the float and jig rig as one of the top three artificials to use along the RI surf for fall schoolies. It is deadly to use in rough and shallow rocky water and will outfish anything else at times. In the past three days I have landed well over 25 stripers on this rig and watched as other fishermen chugging poppers caught nothing.

The rig was originally called a broomhandle and jig rig because the float was made of cut broomhandle sections. Today, most fishermen make their own aerodynamic floats from wooden eggs purchased in craft stores. You can put screw eyes in each end or better yet, drill them and them wire them. Once completed, I paint them white. Later, I will bang a nail on an angle in the middle of the float, and then clip off the nail's head off. This will serve as a jig holder on the cast preventing a helicopter blade effect when casting. At the end of the float you will attach about three feet of heavy mono. Finally a bucktail jig is knotted onto the end of the jig. I like to use a 3/8 or 1/2 oz. flathead jig onto which a plastic grub tail is threaded onto the jig. You can also use a plastic bodied jig in this rig.

This whole rig is cast out into white water and works especially well where shallow, rough water and rocks exist. It is very hot in places like Pt. Judith, Matunuck and Watch Hill. However, it works well along sandy dropoffs also. It also casts like a bullet into the wind. Just reel it in slowly on the retrieve and the wave action will bring the jig to life.

Do you have one of these in your surf bag? If not, get one because it is one of the hottest fall lures for stripers along the RI coast.