Thursday, September 3, 2009

Check out the Article!

The Aug. 27 edition of The Fisherman magazine has my article in it about catching false albacore using the float and fly. This is a deadly technique I have developed to fish for false albacore and bonito. It which will far outfish any other lures.

Most fishermen, especially boaters, often find these fish breaking along the inshore waters in September, yet these boating fishermen have no clue as to how to catch them. I use a wooden float with a deceiver fly trailing off the back. The article outlines how to make the float, the fly and how to fish it.

Just to prove its effectiveness, my son, Matt, went out in a boat today with a couple of his friends off the Harbor of Reguge. They put on a clinic for the boaters around them by catching over a dozen albies and bonito using the float and fly. The whole fleet of boats around them could not equal that number of fish landed. This technique is equally deadly from shore.