Saturday, June 8, 2024

June Moon Disappoints; No Bait, No Fish!


This striper took a small Slug-go fished from the
kayak this week.

Since that last post I wrote, fishing has really taken a dive along both the oceanfront and the Bay. We had the new moon this week and that always gets surf fishermen excited because of the big tides and water movement. All that is fine but when there is no bait around, big tides mean nothing.

I fished 7 evenings/nights in a row in both the Bay in my kayak and along the oceanfront from shore.  I had one banner night from the yak where I DID find bait and there were fish busting everywhere.  They were fussy, though, since they were on micro bait. I did manage to put ten bass and one blue in the yak using an unweighted Finesse Fish and small Slug-Gos. Half the bass were slots. I went back to the same location the next evening and caught just one schoolie. There was no bait and the mass of fish moved on.

The rest of the week I fished multiple locations along the oceanfront. Each night except one I landed only one fish an outing, all slots. I could find no bait, and very few fish.  Those fish that were abundant a week and a half ago seemed to have moved on.  

This was the lone bluefish I landed
this week.  They have not been 
around in big numbers.

I have a number of friends and contacts who fished hard this week along the oceanfront hoping for a bonanza on the new moon.  They ALL report poor fishing.  Even my son Jon ventured down to the Cape Cod Canal, a real good bet on the new moon tides.  He got nothing and only reported seeing a few fish taken with crowded conditions. And, the upper Narragansett Bay, so good in past years at this time seems to have no pogies and no stripers.

So, we are entering the summer on a real poor note.   If this year follows past patterns, we won't see an uptick in consistent fishing until big schools of peanut bunker arrive.  That could happen in late July, but August seems a better bet.