Saturday, May 11, 2024

A Game Changer

 I landed very good numbers of stripers of all sizes from both the kayak and from shore this week.  The common theme here was what I was using.  

I've written many times (and even did seminars this winter) about finesse fishing for stripers. In shallow water where stripers are feeding on small bait, using unweighted plastic fluke bodies is the MOST effective way to get them to hit.

Recently, I have been going with a white Fin-S fish in a 5.75 inch length as my main lure.  I have this mounted on a BKK Titanrider Worm Hook.  That BKK hook in a 5/0 size is about the best hook I have ever used in these applications.  They are strong, sharp and have excellent hooking power.  They also sport that screw type device up front that screws into the head of the plastic.  These are so durable you should be able to land 15 to 20 stripers on the same plastic body.

To fish this lure, cast and slowly retrieve with twitches of the rod tip.  I like to work mine just a hair below the surface. Stop it every so often.  A lot of times, hits come on the stop.  Also, if you have a whirl at it, stop it, and frequently the striper will come back and grab it.

The big disadvantage to this set up is that it is lightweight and does not cast well.  So, while it works great from a boat or kayak, it is not so great from shore.  However, I have used this set up from shore using a wooden egg float rig.  Last night I landed a good size striper from shore using the Fin-S Fish with a wooden egg float.

It's a game changer in shallow water where stripers are feeding
on small bait.