Sunday, April 12, 2020

First Keeper Comes from the Yak

First "freshie" of the year on
a Zoom fluke.
One of many decent schoolies
from the kayak today for my
son Jon.  Fish went 23 to 28
My son, Jon, got the first keeper in the family in this new year today from the kayak.  He hit something hot in a new location as he landed quite a few decent fish from 23 to 28 inches. I'm not surprised as we should see good numbers of fish in the size range he caught today based on the big numbers of schoolies around last year.
The kayak is a good access busting craft.  If you can put it in somewhere, and if you have the stamina to paddle good distances, you could score big in the early season.  The use of a kayak is best done in the backwaters along the oceanfront and in the calmer areas of the Bay. Be careful if you go out in a kayak at this time of year since the water is super cold and the wind is often howling, a dangerous combination.
On another note, I have been searching high and low for places to fish.  I can tell you that just about 90% of the fishable saltwater spots in RI (both Oceanfront and Bay) have no access right now.  It's really tough  to find the scant few parking areas that exist, and you just might have to do a lot of walking to get to the water. Still, I managed to find a spot today, and did land my first "freshie" of the year. So, the fish are definitely migrating into our area.
Stay safe everyone and good luck finding that parking spot to get in to fish.