Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Extremely rough and stormy conditions have wreaked havoc
 on the October fishing.
One big storm after another is killing the October fishing along the oceanfront.  We've had three rounds of severe storms in the last two weeks, and each one has come with huge waves and big winds leaving behind a soupy mix of sand and weed in the water.  Yesterday, I could see the brown water extending outward about a half mile in spots. That brown water will drive out both the stripers and the bait and will kill the fishing. It often takes days to clear up.
Remember when October used to be THE month to fish for stripers here in RI.  Not anymore.  In recent years this month has arguably been the worst of the fall months due to bad weather. Heck, so far this year August and September have been far better than October in terms of numbers of stripers and sizes.
In between these October storms I have gotten out on some marginal days.  I've gotten a few small fish. Keepers have been scarce from shore.  As an example, many of the fishing clubs of southern New England had their Inter Club Tournament this weekend here in RI.  Seventy guys were out and about fishing. Not one keeper bass was entered (keepers had to be 35 inches to enter). It's yet another example of the sad state of affairs we are in with keeper stripers these days.