Sunday, March 31, 2019

Jigs Rule the Early Season

Plastics on jigheads rule
the early season striper
If you are looking for the full story
on early season striper fishing, check out
my latest article in The Fisherman magazine
titles "Spring Stripers from the Bottom Up".
Unlike the rest of the year, fishing for stripers in the early season is quite simple. Jigs rule. It's a fan tailed lure like the Cocahoe that shines along the oceanfront while fork tailed lures like a Zoom fluke does the job in Gansett Bay. Light colors or all white is the color choice.  Pack a bunch of jigheads in the half to 3/4 ounce range. That's it for the first two weeks of fishing.
I especially like the Cocahoe minnow mounted on a half or 5/8 oz. jighead (might go larger in rough water) along the oceanfront where the migrating fish will appear first. I use both the three and four inch models in a glow or white color. Nothing complicated about using it.  Simply cast, let it sink and reel in. The back and forth swimming of the fan tail will get the stripers to hit.
If you are looking for the scoop and more details about early season fishing with jigs, check out my latest story in The Fisherman magazine in the April issue.