Thursday, September 27, 2018

Striper Action Lights Up in This Week's Rough Water

Here's a long, skinny keeper that I landed today.
Striper fishing has been good in the rough water
this week. 
It's been another week of very rough conditions along the oceanfront.  And, it's been another week of good striper fishing.  My son Jon and I have been fishing up a storm and catching good numbers of fish.
I was down the oceanfront today.  There was a strong northeast wind and conditions were as rough as I have seen it this year (and that includes the week of hurricane waves), yet I found a pile of fish in the white, clean water.  I landed 18 stripers.  The were mostly hefty schoolies that averaged 22 to 24 inches, but I had one small keeper in the bunch.  The hot lure for me was a queen Cocahoe fished on a 3/4 ounce jighead.
My son Jon fished yesterday and Tuesday. His total for both days was 29 stripers.  Of that bunch, he had 10 keepers that ranged from 28 to 32 inches. The rest of his fish were schoolies that averaged about 24 inches. He got all his fish on a float and bucktail jig combination.
This fall's stripers are definitely bigger than what we saw last year and this spring.  Most of the schoolies are averaging about 24 inches.  There are also good numbers of small keepers up to about 32 inches.  Fish bigger than that have been scarce from shore so far.
As far as albies are concerned, Jon landed one on Monday.  For the rest of the week, neither one of us has seen any, although we saw a lot of other fishermen looking.