Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Expect Big Changes After this Storminess

I landed this schoolie a couple of days ago.
Their numbers have been on and off so far,
but I am guessing it will all get
more consistent in the coming days and weeks.
These big storms like we are currently experiencing really change things.  I got a call from a friend who was in 'Gansett today.  He said there were birds working and big schools of fish breaking way out, way out of casting range. He also said the waves were huge and the water was filthy and unfishable.
It all tells me things are moving and changing.
After this storm moves on and the water clears I am guessing the albies will be gone or their numbers will be greatly reduced.  I have never caught an albie nor seen an albie landed from shore in the month of November.  We are almost there.  I am guessing the albies will be replaced by stripers and blues.  So far, the bass fishing has been inconsistent, and the blues have been just about non-existent.  But, I am guessing this will all change soon.  Last year our best fall month from shore here in RI was November, and I think it will play out that way again. There are massive numbers of schoolies and lots of bait to our north, and they will all be moving down soon. 
The main area to fish in RI will also shift to the south shore beachfront from Matunuck to Westerly. I plan to start fishing that area seriously once we get into November.