Saturday, September 2, 2017

Increasing Numbers of Bluefish

Blues are in the Bay
and along the oceanfront
in good numbers right
now.  It's a matter of
finding them.
It's September and that means big numbers of bluefish streaming into Narragansett Bay. Right on schedule, we hit some good numbers of bluefish today from the boat. In fact, this was the biggest hit for us since the springtime.
It took a lot of looking but we did find vast schools of small peanut bunker that were being attacked by frenzied bluefish that generally went 6 to 7 lbs. I must admit they were fussy at first.  Our best artificials were jigs with the Jumpin Minnow and Kastmaster XL also scoring some fish.
They were wild today on the fight as this one takes a leap
into the air.
The surprising thing about today is we never saw another boat chasing the schools of blues even though they were in a pretty big area of the Bay, and they were very visible. That tells me few fishermen have been catching them and few know about it.
In addition to the bluefish in the Bay, I can also report that there are increasing numbers along the oceanfront also.  My son, Ben, got into some yesterday from shore.